Ivan Hewett, BBC Music Magazine
        “Derome is clearly a star in the making”
Catherine Nelson, the Strad Magazine
        “Derome shows aggressive zeal and pinpoint perceptiveness in these complex works. Consumate virtuosity is required throughout, but Derome makes light work of the extraordinary technical demands, focusing instead on the works’ deep expressive riches.“
Musical Pointers, UK
        "Admiration grew for the consummate skill of Julie-Anne Derome. […] Think of top 'extreme' sportsmen and acrobats; the mental and physical qualities needed are equally phenomenal and likely to escape the casual listener […].”

William Littler, The Toronto Star
        “Those who find the music of Pierre Boulez dryly cerebral could do worse than attend to Derome’s surprisingly emotional reading of the French composer’s Anthèmes. Where some performers find the mathematics in Boulez, she finds the music”.
Marc Munch, Dernières nouvelles d’Alsace, Strasbourg, France
        “Julie-Anne Derome, un archet rigoureux de très grande finesse”.
François Tousignant, le Devoir, Montréal, Canada
        “Julie-Anne Derome nous offre Boulez dans une version sensuelle qui fera sûrement sourciller le maître de la rigueur”.
Marc M, HMV
        “Julie-Anne Derome possesses an impeccable technique. What strikes us is the infinite palette of colours of her playing. Every idea, every segment, every phrase has a unique timbre. Contrasts never end and our attention is constantly sustained. By the coherence of her playing, she manages to make those works that one would normally apprehend, very easy to listen to”.